TAICOCLUB'17 Rental Tent | 設営済みレンタルテント




Rent your tent to enjoy TAICOCLUB carefree!

会場内に設営済みのテントを利用できるプランです。We will prepare your tent ready to use.


■TAICOCLUB' 17 設営済みレンタルテント|TAICOCLUB 17 rental tent service

15000円/1張(テント利用券付き)|15000yen/ per tent (inc tent ticket)

4名様まで利用可能なドーム型テント|4 people dome style tent**

◉受付方法|Check in:
Please come to the information desk.

◉チェックアウト時間|Check out:
5月28日(日)13:00まで|28th May (Sun) 13:00


・ レンタルテントのみの受付はできません。
・ 臨時駐車場の駐車券は駐車券のみでの購入も可能となります。場内駐車券が購入できなかったお客様でお車でご来場予定の場合必ずご購入ください。
・ お申込後の変更・キャンセルはお受けできませんのでご注意ください。
・ お申し込みいただきましたお客様の情報はすべて主催者に所属いたします。
・ 会場内では、スタッフやプレス関係者等により、写真撮影または動画撮影される可能性がございます。それら撮影された写真、映像等は、TAICOCLUBの公式サイト、SNSまたは各種媒体で公開される可能性があります。あらかじめご了承ください。


・The tents will be located at the dedicated area, (easy access to the stage) which can not change.
・You can not put your own tent in the dedicated area.
・Entry for those who are under 20 years of age are not permitted.
・Free admission for elementary school children and younger when accompanied by a guardian.
*Contact details to identify their guardians (Nameplate or any) must be carried by children at all times.
・Unauthorized entry is prohibited regardless of any circumstances. Upon discovery of any offenders, we hand them over to the police right away.
・There will be no cancellation of the festival due to rain. Refunds will not be made in the case of cancellation of the festival due to natural disasters or unexpected accidents.
・The festival venue is located in a mountainous region. Please be prepared with an appropriate outfit for cold weather, raining.
・No refunds in case of artist cancellation or change.
・Festival organizers do not take any responsibility for accidents, losses, theft, injury, sickness, or any problems caused inside or outside of the festival venue.
・Re-entry to the festival venue is not permitted.
・Fireworks, firearms, other dangerous objects, illegal objects are prohibited to bring in.
・Recording or shooting of artist performances is not permitted.
・To minimize rubbishes and keep the venue clean as much as possible, bringing food/drinks in the festival site is not permitted. Please make use of food tents, official bar in the venue.
・Glass bottles or any similar fragile objects are not allowed to bring in the venue. These will be immediately confiscated by security staffs upon discovery.
・Please don’t leave rubbish you brought in and carry all rubbishes back with you when you leave the venue.
・Once unauthorized entry or forged tickets are discovered, we immediately report it to police and claim damages.
・Failure to comply with the instructions of security staffs will result in immediate ejection from the venue. No refunds of admission fee will be made.
・Do not throw away cigarette butts and smoke at the designated area. Use portable ashtrays in your private space such as your tent in the camping site…etc.
・Do not do any activity that might be a nuisance to local residents.
・Open fire is prohibited in the camping site. We recommend to arrive the venue early so that camping set-up could be completed before getting dark.
・Take good care of yourself as well as your friends to prevent heatstroke, dehydration or any. If any problem on your health conditions, please visit our first aid station.
・Festival organizers take no responsibility for thefts in the parking area, camping site or anywhere in the venue. ・Pets are allowed to enter the venue under the responsibility of the owner.

TAICOCLUB’17 2017年5月27日(土)- 5月28日(日)
at 長野県木曽郡木祖村「こだまの森」

- Acid Arab (FR)
- Battles (US)
- Bibio (UK)
- cero (JP)
- クラムボン (JP)
- D.A.N. (JP)
- Daphni (CA)
- Gabriel Garzón-Montano (US)
- Little Simz (UK)
- Motor City Drum Ensemble (DE)
- Mr.Ties (DE) (NEW)
- Nick The Record (UK)
- Richard Roberts (UK)
- Shed (DE) (NEW)
- 相対性理論 (JP)
- クボタタケシ (JP)
- Takkyu Ishino (JP)
- 黒田卓也 (JP)
- 水曜日のカンパネラ (JP)
*- yahyel (JP)



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