Organik Festival 2017 | 美しき山と海。台湾東部の花蓮市で過ごす



台北にて2010年頃からアンダーグラウンドシーンで確固たる人気を築き、日本を含む各国からゲストを招いてパーティーを開催しているSmoke MachineのオーガナイズによるオープンエアパーティーOrganik Festival

2010年に活動を開始して以来、精力的に発表し続けている台北のアンダーグラウンド・テクノ集団"SMOKE MACHINE”主催で行われているこのパーティーは、台湾ヘッズの中でも特に耳の肥えたお客が集まることで注目されている。

Organik Festival 2017
2017年4月28日-30日 花蓮市(台湾)


Voiski (Construct Re-Form / Dekmantel) France
Wata Igarashi (Midgar Records / The Bunker New York) Japan
ATEQ (giegling) Germany


DJ Nobu (Bitta / Future Terror) Japan
Bryan Kasenic (The Bunker New York) USA
Dorisburg (Aniara / Bossmusik) Sweden
Steve Bicknell (6dimemsions / Ostgut Ton / Blueprint / Infrastructure) UK
Massimiliano Pagliara (Live At Robert Johnson / Ostgut Ton) Italy
DJ Dustin (giegling) Germany
S.A.M. (Delaphine) Denmark
Chris SSG / Japan
Diskonnected (Smoke Machine) Taiwan
Initials B.B. (Bass Kitchen / Korner) France


Al Burro (Korner)
Yoshi Nori (Bass Kitchen)
Lyova Lyubov (Raw)
Beathlon (Mystik)
Lujiachi (Lonely God)
Jon Du (Lonely God)

NOTICE / 注意事項

● If you drive to the location, please be aware of your own safety, DO NOT drink and drive. There are limited free parking spaces outside.
● Anyone under 18 has to be accompanied by the adults, children under 12 are free of charge, please bring the credential references.
● If any artists’ change, cancelations, and unpredictable factors occur, tickets refund is unacceptable.
● The climate is constantly changing, rainy day is also expected, please supply any rain gear such as the rain boots, raincoats, and umbrellas. The temperature during the daytime may be high, please also supply any sun protection gear such as the hats, sunglasses, and sunscreens.
● The party goes on when rains. In case of typhoon and natural disasters occur, the event will be postponed for one week, tickets refund is unacceptable.
● The location will provide free bathrooms, please supply your own toilet articles, and maintain clean for other people’s use.
● To maintain the natural environment, the smokers should supply your own portable ash tray. Please classify and recycle your own trash, DO NOT leave any garbage behind, thank you.
● The location is a natural preserved area, please DO NOT enter any restricted areas. The beach is open from 5am-6pm, please DO NOT enter during other time period.
● The location only provides basic medical care, please mind your own safety, any significant injury and emergency situations are at your own risk.

● Any theft and lose of possessions inside the location and parking lots are at your own risk, please take care of any valuable items.

● The lights are limited, please supply your own flashlights.

● Full price will be paid if any equipment are damaged or destroyed purposefully. In the case of trouble makers will be driven away and no ticket will be refunded.

● The organizers have the rights to reserve any change.

● Tickets purchasing are regarded to agree with all above rules.

Planner: BANANA


  • ※貸切バスでフェス・ツアーを企画でしたらBANANA系列のbusketをご利用ください。

  • ※貸切バスでフェス・ツアーを企画でしたらBANANA系列のbusketをご利用ください。

  • ※貸切バスでフェス・ツアーを企画でしたらBANANA系列のbusketをご利用ください。

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