Equation 2018



6, 7 and the 8th of April. Bar your calendar, cancel anything you’d have planned, these are the official dates of the 2nd chapter of Equation. The electronic music Rendez-Vous of asian based artists, promoters and dancers are gathering around two stages of eclectic electronic music with local, regional and international artists, plus one more stage dedicated to chill moments with ambient music.

Located only one hour away from Hanoi, Equation is the culmination of many people, parties and artists across Asia, manifested into a 3-days event in a peaceful on the shore of the Dong Mo Lake. Bring your own tent or simply rent one, enjoy local food cooked by our favorite Hanoi’s eateries and participate to various activities such as Yoga classes, movies projection and many more that will be organised along the festival.

Equation 2018

Date / Fri, 6 Apr 2018 - Sun, 8 Apr 2018
15:00 - 18:00

Venue /Son Tinh Camp
Làng Văn hóa du lịch các dân tộc Việt Nam Hanoi, Vietnam 0084

Line-up /
Alex From Tokyo (World Famous, USA)
Ali (Revolve, Hanoi)
Andy Hart ( Voyage Recordings, Australia)
Answer Code Request (Ostgut Ton, Germany)
Dan Lo (The Observatory, Vietnam)
Gonno (International Feel)
Haruka (Future Terror, Japan)
Hibiya Line (The Observatory, Vietnam)
Hlib (Mo:sa:ic , Vietnam)
Hu Yang (Konekt Asia, China)
Jauge (Vietnam)
Johán (Vietnam)
Jonathan Kusuma (Cocktail d'Amore Music, Indonesia)
JonnyVicious (Kuala Lumpur)
Kreshik (BeatChronic, Belgium)
LAKES (1) (Vietnam)
Magico. (MYSTIK, South Korea)
Min8 (Savage, Vietnam)
Nic Ford (The Observatory, Vietnam)
nthng (Transatlantic, Netherlands)
Ocean Lam (Social Room, Hong Kong)
Paulo Martinez (Analog Room, Dubaï)
Phred Noir (La dame Noir)
Powder (Cocktail d'Amore Music, Japan
Quan (Savage, Vietnam)
Rifain (Fragrant Harbour, Hong Kong)
Romi (Oslated, Hong Kong)
S.O.N.S ( South Korea)
Samo DJ (Born Free, Sweden)
San Soda (MTMU, Belgium)
Sunsiaré (Fragrant Harbour, Hong Kong)
Sweet Talk (Hong Kong)
Tek Harrington (Slum Disco Soundsystem, Thailand)
Transatlantic (Netherlands)
Unjin (Kizen Records, South Korea)
UVB (Mord Records, France)
Yoshi Nori (Taiwan)
Zhiqi (China)




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