Air Festival 2018



Fri, 30 Mar 2018 - Sun, 1 Apr 2018
Island View - Gili Air, Utara Nusa, Tenggara Barat  

Line-up /
Fred P, Rampa, Boris Werner, ATA, Makam, Mimi Love, KMLN, Art Alfie, Bas Ibellini, Jonathan Kusuma, Peak & Swift, Esther Silex

For our fourth year we are embodying our vision of unity, sustainability, sacredness and epic good times even more strongly. This year is the year we ground our fondest dreams and sweetest intentions into the sparkling sands of our dance floor under the stars with more joy and presence than ever before.
Since it’s humble beginnings in 2014, The Air Festival has established itself as one of the foremost gatherings of visionaries, musicians, artists and dancers in the region. It’s two stages merge underground dance music culture with ceremony and sacredness, creating an unforgettable three-day experience in which friendships are forged, hearts are opened and life is affirmed.

This year the Air Stage promises a lineup full of old and new school heavies. Festival veterans Ata and Rampa, will share the booth with such diverse talents as DJ Tennis, Catz n Dogz, Art Alfie, Bas Ibellini and Mimi Luv, as well as upcoming regional heroes.
Apart from holding space for the more epic dancefloor moments with DJs from around the world doing what they do best, 2017 saw the introduction of the Awan Stage– the festival’s living heart where the sacred fire burns, the cacao flows, and super-inspiring live musicians and slow DJs share their songs and organic earth vibes. The Air Stage and the Awan are complimentary zones where festival goers can move from peaktime party to relaxed and grounded gathering and back again all within the same container. The Air festival measures its success not only in ticket sales and dancefloor eargasms but also in terms of how lightly we tread. As in 2017, we are virtually plastic free and as always we leave our beautiful Gili Air cleaner and more pure than we found it. This year we are upping the ante by creating an initiative to support Gili Air with eco waste-removal, management and recycling not just during the festival, but throughout the year. Please get involved by donating to our Go Fund Me campaign– link forthcoming.

Planner: BANANA


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  • ※貸切バスでフェス・ツアーを企画でしたらBANANA系列のbusketをご利用ください。

  • ※貸切バスでフェス・ツアーを企画でしたらBANANA系列のbusketをご利用ください。

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