2015.05.19 Tue TEXT:Atsushi Harada (Translation:Luiza Florea) CATEGORY:column

I am very eager to introduce you with the help of this article to the wonderful world of Hard Dance Music.
Hardstyle is a mixture between hard techno and hardcore. Hardstyle originates in The Netherlands and was influenced by gabber. I was amazed to discover the Hard Dance Music scene in The Netherlands and to see how many amazing people this music style can bring together and inspire them passion and courage. What is unique about the Hardstyle music is the deep, hard-sounding kick drum, reverse bass lines accompanying the beat and detuned and distorted sounds.

Hard Dance Music (HDM) is part of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and it is a growing trend in the Dutch music & events scene. One of the most popular companies in the Dutch HDM scene is Q-Dance label which was one of the visionaries and started organize events and support the Hardstyle genre since year 2000 and now brought the Hardstyle DJs on major festivals to rock their own stage like in the case of Mysteryland or Tomorrowland. Another well known festival for Hardstyle music lovers is Pandemonium which started in 2004 and now it is organizing more Pandemonium festivals throughout the year.

I was lucky to have my first contact with Hard Dance Music in Haarlem, The Netherlands where an amazing team of three talented people started a Hardstyle movement called Harlem Demolition Crew(Nils,Ivo,Harm) .With their help I discovered many events in The Netherlands and I got accustomed with the hard style by visiting their studio or taking picture of their events.As they mention on their party banners I can feel that I have become part of the Haarlem Hardcore History.Another important group in the Hardstyle movement from Haarlem is NRG Vibe, an events company based in Hoofddorp who brings on stage HDM Djs high ranked in the DJ Mag Top 100.What is amazing about the Haarlem movement is that even though HDM is successful now, it still has an underground crowd joined together at warehouse parties or beach parties by Backfire.

Because Hard Dance Music is a genre that really inspired me and helped me grow personally I am very proud to spread the word about it to my fellow Japanese people so everybody can experience the energy of this music scene. Since the festival's season started already in May here in The Netherlands I can’t wait to be back with more articles about the HDM parties and of course with pictures of the amazing and special moments lived there. But meanwhile if you want to discover the sounds and the best Hardstyle DJs from Netherlands you can check Beatport`s special section Hard Dance.

PHOTO & TEXT:Atsushi Harada, OAC Photography

Translation:Luiza Florea

Atsushi Harada Photography

OAC Photography



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